Electronic duo with Pierre Pulisciano

Pierre and I met musically during a concert invitation by Lucien Gaudion - La Membrane event in February 2016. I was experimenting a live practice of my Hordijk Modular Synthesis System. Pierre was working with great layout of electrical sound materials with numerica virtuosa. It was fun. Since then we meet and jam in various context, moslty improvised, with a rigorous attention on time and instant composition.

Sound excerpt : CONGLOMERUM COGITUM 20 min
“Frises et créneaux dans le dessin d’un neurone”


RIAM Festival 2018 - MRS France - 20 oct 2018 - Live

Acousmodrome #1 - Cinema pour l’oreille - VIDEODROME 2 - MRS France - 29 mars 2019 - Acousmatic interpretation